Much of my artistic practice and inspiration comes from a curiosity about objects and experiences related to the human existence. For this project I focused on products of technology and science, as we, humans, perceive them. 

Taking advantage of my educational background (a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology) I referenced my old science textbooks to collect source material for this series of sculptures. Humans have long been creating reductive illustrations of cellular structures, and folded proteins, rendering them in a way that is easy to understand, and artistically interesting. What a curious thing to do! What a vast collection of work there is! I used this as a starting point and began exploring many different directions of building work, allowing myself to expand on any idea freely.

In the end I created a body of work which includes some articles for adoration, some articles for consideration, and some articles to use. Is there a difference? Maybe it’s all lighting?

In Bloom 2020

Two Halves Make a Complex 2020

Stool 2020

Screen Time 2020

Shelfie (Face Crack ;) 2020 

3 Plates Get 42 hours in 32°C. 2020

Double Dot  2020

Single Dot (Avocado) 2020

Where Did This Infection Come From? I Didn't Innoculate This?  2020