Much of my artistic inspiration comes from a curiosity about objects related to the human experience. I have spent a lifetime noticing pop culture. Recently, through social media and the internet I am able to observe the way humans produce and consume new things in a bigger, and more entertaining way. 

The future is here! 

I love to consume the consumption. I gobble up media and trends with extreme joy and irreverence, all from the comfort of my couch, like the Millennial I am. Like the human I am. 

In the studio, I attempt to capture the humour and oddities of being alive today. My work often references pop culture and art, but also is influenced by science and technology. Taking advantage of my educational background in microbiology, I often flip through my old science textbooks to collect source material for surface imagery and form. I use a paper-clay collage technique to create flat laid worlds of patterned colours, that draw to mind the views through a microscope slide. 

In the end I hope to create objects which are products of the world today. I don’t expect these pieces to remain relevant, or beautiful throughout time, but to serve as curious artifacts of life.


Here I am in an episode of the Amazing Race Canada!